Palm webOS

Palm webOS is a smartphone platform, powered by Linux, and developed by Palm. The Palm Pre and webOS were released on June 6, 2009 (2009-06-06). The webOS features significant online social network and Web 2.0 integration.(Source: webOS's graphical user interface is designed for use on devices with touchscreens. It includes a suite of applications for personal information management and makes use of a number of web technologies such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. Palm claims that the design around these existing technologies was intended to spare developers from learning a new programming language. The Palm Pre, released on June 6th, 2009, is the first device to run this platform.


Currently, the webOS SDK is not available publicly.The core OS is based on linux.There is an early access program available to developers at

Sponsorship and Financial

The core webOS development is entirely controlled and supported by Palm.


Access to the SDK also gives access to the Palm wiki page that has more information about webOS development. There is an O'Reilly book in development, the first chapter of which is available for download on Palm's website(

Market Penetration

The Palm Pre has been in the market for a little over a month. The initial reviews of the phone have been very good. The number of units sold is not available from official sources. Numbers on the web range from 70000 to 300000 units. It is currently available only on the Sprint network in the US.

Support and Infrastructure

An app store for Palm apps along the lines of the Apple iPhone store is in the works. But, there are no details on how it will work.


The Palm Pre handset marks the first release of the webOS platform. So far, there have been multiple firmware upgrades in the short time that the Pre has been in the market.


Applications written for the Pre work only on the webOS platform.

Useful links

Development on the Palm webOS is still shrouded in secrecy. Here are some community links, but none of these are backed by Palm.

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