Openmoko is an open source hardware and software smartphone platform. The hardware includes a GSM cell phone supporting GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, touch screen display, and three-axis motion sensors all in a small cell-phone sized package. The operating system for the device is Linux-based and under development by (FSO). In addition, there is a variety of independent development going on, for example, running Android on the platform.


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Sponsorship & Financial

Openmoko was started as an internal project of First International Computer (FIC) Inc., a prominent Taiwanese computer manufacturer in 2006. In 2007, it became a separate company to in order to explore new business models. Press Openmoko generates revenue by selling the handset platform. In April 2008, Openmoko scaled back its plans to focus on an new platform which, at this time, has unannounced features. Announcement


Openmoko is a developer community without much user exposure. That is, because there is no official released consumer product, there is no user base to get behind it. Unfortunately, this will remain the status until it works reliably as a phone. Openmoko is at a disadvantage here in that because it is open source with a high level of communication, its issues are exposed to the world rather than being kept secret within the company.
The Freerunner platform is a great platform for developer experimentation since it has several radios (cellular, wi-fi, GPS) available on the platform. In addition, a large variety of Linux distributions have been demonstrated to run on it.
There is active development going on for the core platform in addition to new apps being developed to run on the platform. The middleware (OS) development is being done by (formerly an Openmoko project).
This is a good platform to crate a custom device/custom application in that the hardware and software are open source and available for custom tailoring.


Documentation for the Openmoko project is available at this wiki site. Unfortunately, the documentation is extremely disorganized and not set up for well for users or developers. The "Docs" button takes the user to the project management database.
Since the platform is able to support many distributions, there is a feeling of a lack of cohesion in overall development in that not everybody is pulling in the same direction.


Openmoko is still an immature product. Right now it is a really cool toy for developers.


Openmoko is developed for the Openmoko open source hardware platforms, the Neo Freerunner and previously the Neo 1973. There is the ability to take the hardware schematics and modify them for individual purposes.

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