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Games can be developed on Symbian platform. Symbian has released Symbian developer library (SDL) for developers. Developers can develop games using SDL's C++, Java or Flash Lite libraries.

Useful Sites:


1. Games on Symbian OS
A Handbook for Mobile Development


Developers can develop games on Android platform in Java using Android software development kit. Google has done a good job in documenting almost 100% APIs as what is known as API demos.

Useful Sites:

1. Getting Started in Android Game Development

2. Android Kit

3. Android Developer's Guide


Limo does not seem to have an elaborate support for developing games on the platform. However, Limo supports Java, so any games developed using Java ME should work on Limo.


Games are developed on OpenMoko platform using Open Moko's Software Development Toolkit.

Useful Sites:

1. OpenMoko Developmer Guide

2. OpenMoko Wishlist/Games

Palm WebOS

Palm does not provide a platform to develop sophisticated games compared to platforms like iPhone and Symbian. Web OS therefore may not be seriously taken as a gaming platform.

Useful sites:

1. Engadget Mobile article on Palm WebOS

2. Palm WebOS Dev


iPhone provides a platform to develop sophisticated games. There are a number of resources on the web that provide very useful information to iphone game developers.

Useful Sites:

1. IPhone Game Programming Tutorial

2. iPhone Development bits


Games can be developed on Maemo platform using Maemo Software Development Library (SDL)

Useful Sites:
Maemo Game Development

Moblin is not promoting moblin devices as game platforms. The platform is still in beta and as such has reliability problems. If reliability problem are worked out, then its larger screen in netbooks may make it a good candidate for a game platform.


BlackBerry is mostly associated with business users and lacks the kind of gaming library that IPhone has. However games can be developed on BlackBerry using its gaming APIs

Useful Sites

1. BlackBerry Developer Journal

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile platform provides Gaming API (GAPI) to develop games.

Useful Sites:

1. Windows Mobile Game Programming

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