Corporate Email Platform


  • Secure enterprise server to mobile client connection
  • Encryption and decryption capability for emails sent from and received by mobile platform
  • Automatic synchronization of email and calendars on mobile platform with enterprise server
  • Automatic "push" of email to mobile handset
  • Complete wipe of data on mobile device after a certain number of attempts with an incorrect password
  • Complete wipe of data on mobile device initiated by IT personnel from enterprise server


Research In Motion, the company that makes the Blackberry smartphones, has integrated the corporate email platform features in their OS. Today, the Blackberry has the highest degree of adaptation by enterprises when it comes to providing corporate email capability. RIM has focused on this feature, and has ensured that the email software platform in the OS has all the desired features, including security, built in, so that corporations can seamlessly connect the Blackberry smartphones with their enterprise email servers.

Other Mobile Platforms

None of the other platforms have the secure encryption-based client-server email platform capability that RIM has. For the most popular of the other mobile platforms, namely, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile, there is a third-party application from Sybase called iAnywhere Mobile Office, that provides the secure corporate email platform capability on these mobile OS platforms . The application allows the iPhone, and Windows Mobile and Symbian based smartphones to synchronize with either Lotus Domino or Exchange servers, and provides a secure encryption-enabled client-server corporate email platform. iAnywhere Mobile Office. The server component needs to be hosted on an enterprise server, and the client component has to be installed on the smartphone.

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